ENF Studio Physio


The tool you’ve always dreamed of in physiotherapy

ENF Studio Physio is the most important electro equipment that uses ENF technology. It can be used in physiotherapy to find the treatment point and to reach the desired solution through a fast therapy.

The great innovation of the ENF Studio Physio is the possibility to use the ENF technology in the best way in hospital, clinic, study and for any physiotherapy need.
The new design uses the large 21-inch touch screen that makes therapy even more important. It is possible to treat acute and chronic conditions on a wide range of pathologies.


A complete set of protocols

With 120 physiotherapy Protocols, ENF Studio Physio is ideal for those seeking quality in the treatment of any pathology or dysfunction of the locomotor system. the software can be used to perform a free therapy or to select a specific protocol for completely automatic treatments. During use it is possible to access the human body in 3d at any time.

You can fully explore the human body in 3d.

Using the Anatomy menu with the directional touchpad and zoomcommands, you can browse and explore the 3dbody at any time.
It is also possible to visualize up to 15 levels of human anatomy: skeleton, connective tissue, nervous system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, urogenital system, organs, 7 different levels of muscles and skin.



Automatic protocols

To browse the library of 120 ENF automatic protocols and select the one best suited to physiotherapy needs. Each protocol will be displayed graphically on the human Body to guide the treatment.


Free Therapy

To freely perform the 4 phases of ENF therapy according to the free choice of the physiotherapis