About us

Our brand is our mission.

Fast Therapies is an Italian company founded in 2005, active in the field of physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation. It is specialized in the design, production and marketing of the only electromedical equipment using ENF technology. It has also developed a line of software and APP designed to improve the professional activity in the medical field.

The first devices were designed to be very powerful, portable, practical and easy to use. ENF Physio and ENF Sport were born, both belonging to the personal line. The first one as the most important and complete model, the second for the specific need to obtain results in record time with immediate “on-the-field” interventions.
In the first years of experience with the ENF personal line, we realized that the more we have knowledge on anatomy, the more we get quality treatments. The line of ENF Studio devices came to life from these evaluations. Inside we have developed a new software, very innovative, able to help the professionial in diagnosis and therapy, thanks to an extraordinary 3D human anatomy.
For the great utility that the 3D environment offers, we are developing new digital contents in the medical and physiotherapic fields, creating a line of APP downloadable on the most popular mobile devices.

Fast Therapies has always been aimed at the international market in which competition imposes attention to the customer and high quality standards. Its mission is to promote the creation of win-win solutions in the medical field, through the use of the most advanced technology to improve the personal and professional activity of its customers.
This is what we believe in and indicates the direction in which to move our actions.