ENF Documentation


Adaptive Electrotherapy

The ENF technology explained in clear and synthetic way.

Inside the brochure, are shown: how the ENF technology works, its effects on the human body, some significant clinical evidence and the abstracts of major scientific researches published up to now.

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Practical Guide ENF therapy in Osteopathy

How to get the best result combining two superior techniques

The ENF therapy does not replace the work of the Osteopath, but it completes and integrates this one, thanks to 37 therapeutic protocols specific to osteopathy. A valuable help in osteopathic evaluation, in treatment preparation and its integration with the rehabilitation work on the limbs.

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Practical Guide ENF Therapy in Dentistry

Reach the total quality in the dental practice

With 18 treatment protocols, ENF therapy can be used successfully in some specific situations, in dentistry and in implant dentistry too. It is mainly applied with stunning results in post-operative and in many neurological problems and inflammatory of oral cavity.

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Practical Guide ENF Physio

All you need to work in the best way in physiotherapy

Designed for optimal use in physiotherapy, ENF Physio practical guide includes more than 30 protocols for the treatment of a very wide range of acute and chronic diseases divided between local and general dysfunction.

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Practical Guide ENF Sports

The best help on the field

Follow your sports team, in any training or away games, relying on the practical guide specific for Sport. Get great results in the treatment of acute and sub-acute pathologies, with 14 treatment protocols to quickly solve typical problems of Sport Rehabilitation.

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Practical Guide ENF Neuro

Strong support for sensitive issues

The practical guide ENF Neuro proposes a different therapeutic approach to achieve significant results on main neuropathies. Comes with 6 simplified treatment protocols to address some important Neurological Rehabilitation issues.

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