ENF Physio

Extraordinary on a large number of pathologies

Designed for optimal use in physiotherapy, ENF Physio gives great results in the treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic pathologies. It is supplied with specific probes for the application of 15 predefined treatments including anti-inflammatory, shallow and deep draining, descaling, regenerating soft tissues and osteotendinous, post-operative adhesions.

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ENF Sport

Sports rehabilitation in record time

Handy, practical, easily transportable, ENF sport implements all the qualities of ENF technology, simplified to solve in speed the typical problems of the rehabilitation of sport. ENF Sport gives great results in the treatment of a wide range of pathologies in the acute and sub-acute phase.

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ENF Studio Physio

The tool you have always dreamed of in physiotherapy

ENF Studio Physio is the most important electro equipment that uses ENF technology. It can be used in physiotherapy to find the treatment point and to reach the desired solution through a fast therapy.

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ENF Med Dental Care

Excellent in post-operative treatment

For its intrinsic properties, theENF Med Dental Care can be used successfully in some specific situations, both in dentistry and in Implantology.

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ENF Med Orthopedics

New standards in post-operative treatment

We know the problems that can occur in the patient after surgery. With ENF Med Orthopedics, it is finally possible to plan a complete post-surgical treatment, to prevent complications and to accelerate the recovery of motor functions.

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ENF Med Ginecology

New therapeutic possibilities in the hands of the specialist

The innovative feature of ENF technology is to continually modify the waveform of the electrical impulse sent to the body, depending on the feedback received. The main effect is electro-equilibrium and bio-electrical standardization of tissues.

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ENF Med Urology

ENF therapy is non-invasive neuromodulation

Neuromodulation is an evolving therapy consisting of a small amount of electrical current delivered inside the body. The aim is to normalize the functions of the neural network.

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3d Diagnosis

The first interactive anatomy for medical diagnosis

Made thinking about the needs of the doctor, 3d diagnosis is an innovative study tool to explore in 3d all the elements that make up the human body by selecting them individually, zooming and rotating with extreme ease of use.

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