3D Diagnosis


3D Diagnosis:

The first interactive anatomy for medical diagnosis

Made thinking about the needs of the doctor, 3d diagnosis is an innovative study tool to explore in 3d all the elements that make up the human body by selecting them individually, zooming and rotating with extreme ease of use.



With 3d diagnoses you can visualize up to 15 levels of human anatomy: skeleton, connective tissue, nervous system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, urogenital system, organs, 7 different levels of muscles and skin.

High persuasive technology available to the doctor

In addition to being a powerful anatomy analysis tool, 3d diagnosis is an extraordinary means of communication to convince the patient how important it is to follow the indications of his doctor.



With 3d diagnoses it is possible to show the patient the complexity of a pathology, write the diagnosis and print it in color on letterhead, accompanied with the desired image.

Or choose to memorize the therapeutic indications, extracted from the ENF Therapy System Library on the smart card. It is the ideal tool for medical specialists such as physiatrists, orthopedics, sports doctors and for basic physicians.




To view elements or districts by selecting them from the human body in 3d.



To use a drawing palette and comment on each pathology.


ENF Therapy

To store the chosen therapy on the ENF therapy Card.


Preview Diagnosis

To print the integrated medical diagnosis with the selected 3d images.