ENF Med Ginecology


ENF Med Ginecology:

new therapeutic possibilities in the hands of the specialist

The innovative characteristic of ENF technology is to continuously modify the waveform of the electrical pulse sent to the body, as a function of feedback received. The main effect is the electro-balance and the normalization of tissues.

A multipurpose technology in gynecology

  • ENF therapy can treat any inflammatory disease of the upper female genital tract, including uterus, fallopian tubes and adjacent pelvic structures. Moreover, it shows efficacy on pudendal nerve syndrome, Salpingitis, endometritis, endometriosis and pelvic pain syndrome.
  • ENF Med gynecologist is very effective on pelvic inflammatory diseases, in case they are of non-infectious origin. When used in the first few days after surgery, it gives the opportunity to improve the surgeon’s work by effectively acting on pain reduction.

Effective and easy to use

ENF Med Gynecology is simple to use thanks to the selection of protocols that provide the automation of treatment, making it not operator-dependent. At any time, even during the therapy, it is possible to explore the 3D anatomy on the multi-touch screen and visualize 15 anatomical levels, from the skin to the skeleton.

We are all looking for the highest quality in Gynecology. The ENF therapy can be the ideal way to obtain it.

Automatic protocols

To browse the library of 20 ENF automatic protocols and select the one best suited to gynecological needs.

Each protocol will be displayed graphically on the human Body to guide the treatment.

Free Therapy

To freely perform the 4 phases of ENF therapy according to the free choice of the Doctor gynecologist.