ENF Med Neurology


ENF Med Neurology:

three steps forward in neuropathies treatment

ENF therapy proves to be effective in neurological pathologies for the treatment of disabling symptomatic effects, generated from cerebrovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, traumatic diseases.


Effective on spasticity

Since there is currently no definitive treatment for spastic paralysis, each ENF therapy aims to minimize symptoms and improve motor skills, as much as is possible by the severity of the pathology.
Thanks to the continuous self-regulation of the Feedback, which makes special the results obtained by ENF, an important objective of the treatment is to reduce the muscular retraction and the shortening of the tendons, lowering the risk of deformation of the joints Consequent to rigidity and immobility.

Due to the its electro-rebalance technology instead of electro-stimulation, the final effect is a “normalization” of the neuronal network, altered by the pathogenic event.

Effective management of Post-operative pain

ENF Med Neurology, used in first days after surgery, gives the opportunity to enhance the surgeon’s work by acting effectively on pain relief.


ENF Med Neurology is designed for the treatment of the Peripheral Nervous System and disorders like neuropathic pain, Morton’s Neuroma, Muscle Hypotonia, Muscle Hypotrophism, Nerve conduction regulation, Anti spasmodic treatment, Cold Limb reduction, Phantom Limb reduction, Spinal Disc Herniation.


C- cable probe

To perform the 4 phases of ENF therapy according to the free choice

of the neurologist physician using the ENF Mini probe

or other standard probes.


W- probe wireless

To perform therapeutic protocols, previously chosen

by the ENF library, and apply them to

the patient using wireless probes.