ENF Med Orthopedics


ENF Med Orthopedics:

New standard in post-operative treatment

We know the problems that can occur in the patient after surgery. With ENF Med Orthopedics, we expect a complete possibility of post-surgical treatment to prevent complications and speed recovery time of motor functions.


By exploiting the potential of ENF therapy, we can apply protocols for anti-inflammatory tissue treatments, for reduction of edemas after surgery, pain, loss of tone and muscular trophism, reduction of therapy Pharmacological. Some protocols also include the treatment of soft tissue repair and osteo-tendon repair.

3d anatomy and post-operative pain management

In orthopedic interventions, post-operative pain is a difficult problem to manage.

With ENF Med Orthopedics The execution of ENF therapy is made simple by pre defined protocols, visually guided by software with 3d anatomy. The opportunity to explore the 15 anatomic levels, can also have an educational purpose and very relevant knowledge sharing in the medical team.

Postoperative ENF therapy sessions are short, about 15-20 minutes, and the duration of the session cycle is generally carried out in 3/4 days after the intervention.


Improves post-surgical outcome

the added value of ENF therapy is also due to the total compatibility with the means of synthesis. Thanks to the specific protocols of ENF therapy, the effective management of post-intervention treatments can become a high quality standard involving the entire team.
The reduction of recovery time during the short stay allows the patient to see the positive results of surgery already resigning.


Automatic Protocols

To browse through the library of 80 ENF Automatic Protocols

and select the one best suited to post-operative needs.

Each protocol will be graphically displayed on

the human body to guide the treatment.


Free therapy

To freely perform the 4 phases of the ENF therapy

according to the free choice of the orthopedic doctor.