ENF Physio

Extraordinary on a large number of diseases

Conceived for optimal use in Physiotherapy, ENF Physio gives great results in the treatment of a wide range of both acute and chronic diseases. It is equipped with specific probes for the application of 15 predefined treatments including Anti-inflammatory, superficial and deep draining, Decalcifying, soft tissue regenerating and osteotendine, post-operative adhesions.

Manageable, practical, easily transportable, it is the most complete of the ENF family and can offer great professional satisfactions.

Upper limb disorders
• Instability and diseases of the cuff
• Shoulder block
• Muscle tendon injuries
• Epicondylitis, Epitrocleitis
• Long head bicep pathologies

Pathologies of the lower limb
• Tendinitis
• Capsulo-ligamentous sprains
• Prosthetic and reconstructive surgery
• Outcomes
• Entity traps

Column disorders
• Cervicalgia
• Sore neck
• Lumbago
• Back pain
• Radiculitis
• Algie on an osteoporotic basis
• Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
• Sciatica

Other diseases
• Ache
• Migraine
• Outcomes of trauma and sports
• Injuries Muscle inflammation
• Calcification
• Neuropathies
• Hematomas and bruises
• Post-operative tissue regeneration
• Arthrosis, cervical arthrosis, arthritis
• Osteoarthritis

• Patients with pacemakers or other subcutaneous electronic instruments
• Pregnant women