ENF Sport

Some references in sports rehabilitation

The ideal ENF portable device for sports rehabilitation

ENF Sport is a professional portable electromedical device, designed to meet the main needs in sports rehabilitation. It uses the refined ENF Adaptive Electrotherapy, which modulates the emission of electrical impulses in real time as the skin impedance changes. Practical, easily transportable, it is the ideal device for the treatment of the main pathologies that can be generated by sports or fitness.

Sports rehabilitation in record time
Compared to the ENF Physio model, ENF Sport Software implements all the qualities of the ENF technology, simplified to quickly solve the typical problems of rehabilitation in sport. In the treatment of injuries with ENF Sport, the traditional and slow R.I.C.E. protocols (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) can be easily overcome. The approach with ENF promotes timeliness: the earlier it is applied to the injured area and the higher the speed of obtaining the result (provided that the objective biological conditions allow it).

Simple and complete
With ENF Sport, the treatment is applied by choosing between 11 predefined therapeutic effects. This allows the physiotherapist or sports masseur to treat a complete range of pathological conditions, choosing for example between anti-inflammatory, superficial or deep draining effect, regeneration of soft tissues or osteo-tendinous tissues, post-operative adhesions. In addition, ENF Sport is equipped with specific probes, some of which allow automatic treatment not dependent on the operator. An ENF therapy session can be associated with great efficacy with Osteopathic treatment, with the application of Tape and with Manual Therapy, without any particular unwanted side effects.