ENF Studio Physio

The specific ENF device for Physiotherapy

ENF Studio Physio is the ideal Electromedical Device for use in the Physiotherapy Studio or in the Physiotherapy departments of Clinics and Hospitals. ENF Adaptive Electrotherapy modulates the emission of electrical impulses in real time as the skin impedance changes. An important feature of the ENF technology is its versatility, being able to be used for any physiotherapy need with surprising results and without particular unwanted side effects. Through the use of software integrated with a 3D human anatomy, it is possible to treat acute and chronic conditions on a wide range of pathologies by choosing between simple application protocols. The new ENF Studio Physio design makes use of the large 22-inch touch screen display that has a great effect on the patient and makes the time of application of the therapy even more important.

Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Post-Surgery Physiotherapy
With over 250 protocols of Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy and Post-Surgery Physiotherapy, ENF Studio Physio is the ideal device for the professional looking for quality in the treatment of any pathology or dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. To make the use simple and effective, ENF Studio Physio offers two operating modes: “Free Therapy” and “Protocols”.

enf-studio-physio-icon1“Automatic Protocols”
In “Protocols” mode, you can browse the Pathology library and choose the associated Protocol. The choice of protocol offers: automatic sequence of therapeutic effects, duration of treatment, 3D graphic representation of the skin surface on which to perform the chosen treatment.

enf-studio-physio-icon2“Free Therapy”
In “Free Therapy” mode, you can search for the treatment point and then choose the desired treatment among the 15 predefined. During use it is possible to access the human body in 3D at any time.

Full 3D anatomy
ENF Studio hosts all the male and female human 3D Anatomy, designed by Fast Therapies, composed of over 8000 anatomical elements organized in 17 anatomical levels: Skeleton, Connective Tissue, 3 levels of the Nervous System, Lymphatic System, Cardiovascular System, Urogenital System, Organs, 7 levels of Muscles, Skin. With simple touch rotation and zoom controls, you can browse and explore the 3D human body at any time and know the name of each single element simply by touching it with a finger.