A spectacular experience with human Anatomy

FastAnatomy is an innovative software that allows you to explore the anatomy of the 3D human body by selecting each element, zooming and rotating very easily.
You can install it on any laptop or desktop with S.O. Windows of recent production and display it on screens up to 55” with great scenic effect.

In FastAnatomy you can individually identify over 8,000 elements organized into 17 anatomical levels: Skeleton, Connective Tissue, 3 levels of the Nervous System, Lymphatic System, Cardiovascular System, Urogenital System, Organs, 7 levels of Muscles, Skin. You can also access a large collection of images that anatomically depict the most important diseases.

The ideal tool for the Medical Specialist or the Physiotherapy Clinic

You can use FastAnatomy during visits to the clinic to explain their painful condition to the patients with the maximum competence, describing the anatomy and comparing the healthy with the pathological. This will increase the level of perception of your skills and acceptance of therapy.

You can use FastAnatomy as an individual or group study tool to deepen personal knowledge or share the therapeutic strategy with collaborators.

You can capture structures or anatomical elements and elaborate them by adding text notes and underlines in order to save a personalized image or print it for attach it to the patient folder or to be able to share your experiences on Social Networks.