The interactive study tool
FastAnatomy is an innovative study tool to explore in 3D all the elements that make up the human body by selecting them individually, zooming and rotating with extreme ease of use.
You can send up to 15 levels of human anatomy: skeleton, connective tissue, nervous system, lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, urogenital system, organs, 7 levels of muscles and skin.

Your best lessons

Create and present study material for your students.
Bring full 3D anatomy to your classroom, show virtual dissections and build a presentation during a lesson to engage your students.

With FastAnatomy you have the possibility to create your digital medical lessons / presentations using a 3D Anatomy platform. Thanks to the multiple selection tools, isolate and dissolve you can quickly and easily choose the anatomical section to be incorporated into the slide.
In addition, based on your needs, you can choose to use the pen tool to highlight areas of interest and add a note with additional information.

It is the ideal tool for University Professors of Physiotherapy, Medicine, Motor Sciences, Nursing.

Your best visits

An extraordinary means of communication for your professional studio.
In addition to using Fast Anatomy as a study tool, thanks to about 50 representations of pathological conditions related to the locomotor system, you can use the 3D anatomy platform during your visits to the studio and strengthen the professional-patient relationship.

You can improve your patients’ understanding of their conditions by describing the anatomy or their pathology and increase their complicity to improve the results of therapy.
In addition, based on your needs, you can choose to compare the healthy with the pathological and use the pen tool to highlight areas of interest.

It is the ideal tool for specialist doctors such as physiatrists, sports doctors and general practitioners.