In a medical and physiotherapy field there are a lot of technologies: tecar, lasers, shock waves, magnetic fields, ultrasounds, and also traditional electrotherapies.
All these have different specifications and different areas of excellence but they have in common a unique limitative feature: the constant emission, without any kind of self-regulation.

Our goal is to overcome this limit with the ENF technology.

The Electro Neuro Feedback is very innovative and for its features provides quick and often surprising results. The impulse of the ENF varies continuously to compensate for the reaction of the peripheral nervous system, bending to the reaction of the organism itself. The process of adapting the body is therefore continually reduced, accelerating the change of the body and leading more quickly to rebalance the results.


The great secret of the efficacy of Electro Neuro feedback is the innovative technology based on feedback. During ENF therapy, there is a real exchange with the subject that becomes active. Therefore, you will receive more information about diseases and rehabilitation times will become faster.
Neuro Electro Feedback is an instrument applied to an organism. It is based on an algorithm for generating electrical impulses, which activates a negative feedback circuit, showing the effect in real time.
Traditional rehabilitation equipment can be regulated in many ways but, for the entire treatment, the body is forced to receive a predetermined impulse application. Therefore, the adaptation to the stimulus minimizes the result.
But the ENF works in a different way: it makes the body free from this restriction. So ENF can regulate itself in response to every micro change, accelerating the process of tissue regeneration. The effect is positive from the first therapy. The treatment lasts about 10-20 minutes and it happens that the conditions of discomfort that last months can be solved in weeks, days or even in a single session.


The ENF is able to read the skin values of the impedance and transmit electrical impulses through a special algorithm of interaction with the body. Holding the double electrode in contact close to the skin, the ENF transmits and receives pulses, mistaking between the two electrodes. During the exchange, the impulses are in contact with the nerve endings of the skin and undergo some modifications recorded by the equipment.



The ENF identifies precisely the point of the body that needs treatment. This area often does not match the right position where the symptom is located or where the disease might suggest it is. It is an incredibly useful feature, which alone makes the ENF an extraordinary tool, even in combination with a manual therapy.

ENF Uso Spalla


In the therapeutic modality, based on parameters related to the impedance of the skin, the ENF reads and sends the signal applying a sophisticated algorithm of compensation of the skin reaction. Two successive impulses are never equal to each other and it is the body that drives and regulates the instrument at all times. This maximizes the efficacy of the treatment: as the body request changes, the impulse varies continuously. Often in a few minutes, the changes in the patient are surprising. The ability to choose the therapeutic effect between acute or chronic anti-inflammatory, superficial or deep drainage, soft tissue regeneration or osteotendine or anti-calcify, guarantees maximum flexibility and high quality rehabilitation.